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Opening Concert



Opening Concert - New Nordic Instruments in Development and Practice

In this concert we explore some chosen Nordic instruments in development and practice. On the programme is a composition for the halldorophone by Davíð Brynjar Franzson performed by his Autocoder software and cellist Júlía Mogensen. There is also a composition for DIMI-A and halldorophone by Johan Svensson performed by Jari Suominen and Júlía Mogensen. The halldorophone is an Icelandic instrument, the invention of Halldór Úlfarsson, that is getting widely known today and the DIMI-A is an instrument invented in 1974 by legendary Finnish transhumanist artist and electronic musical instruments inventor Erkki Kurenniemi. The concert will also include a few performances from the DIMI-A and Intelligent Instruments workshops that are organised by the Intelligent Instruments Lab earlier in the week.



Mari Garrigue (SK) - Resonance of the Blue Lantern

Jari Suominen (FI) / Riina Pauliina (FI/IS) -  Electric Whale

Michael Ott (DE) - Brain Saxophone 

Davíð Brynjar Franzson (IS)
fragment / work in progress – for two autonomous feedback agents

Johan Svensson (SE) 
Composition for DIMI-A and halldorophone (2014)

In reception: Kári Halldórsson (IS) - Kardinal Synth


Júlía Mogensen (IS), halldorophone
Jari Suominen (FI), Dimi-A
Riina Pauliina (FI/IS), whaleophone
Mari Garrigue (SK), blue lantern
Michael Ott (DE), brain saxophone