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Kick-off events

Kick-off events


Several kick-off events will give the Faroese a taste of Nordic Music Days before everyone else in the days up to the official festival opening.

From August 30th and every day throughout the whole festival week, the beautiful tones of Ellen Lindquist’s piece, Sacredness of Trees for carillon will mark that Nordic Music Days is in town by ringing from the center in town, Í Vágsbotni, every day at 1 PM.

But many other events will take place:
26 August at 7 PM, The Nordic House - Cirkelfærd

Animated concert for families, 10+

Join a journey through different dream landscapes with this crossover of performance, analogue visual expressions and ritualistic music where sound, light and shadow create sensory illusions, like a film captured and performed in the very moment. With a background in music and performing arts, Entropia (DK) and Freya Sif Hestnes (DK) meet in the cooperation of Cirkelfærd, inspired by animated films, click-and-point-games, stretchable composition, folklore and rituals; and you are invited to dream along following the protagonist – a shadow puppet – as he restlessly wanders through time and space.


28 August at 1 PM, Kirkjubøur - Sounds of the cathedral ruins

A very special program will take place among the old church ruins of Kirkjubøur this Saturday. The ruins of the gothic cathedral are one of the signs of the area's former glory, and they have inspired artist Nicole Bitsch Pedersen to create an audio-installation that will let the bells toll over the area once again and cast new light upon the ruins of the old cathedral.

Through a residency the composing duo Lyd Port has studied the art of Kingo-singing. The duo has explored the character of the traditional acapella style of singing and has used their findings to create a new piece for a group of Kingo singers and electronics. The piece will combine the sacred rooms and traditions that both Kingo singing and the old church ruin in Kirkjubøur encapsulates and combines it with modern field-recording techniques and poems about the lives of the people that now live in the area.

Composer Elín Gunlaugsdóttir has taken her time to write something as special in our digital age as handwritten postcards. These postcards are remarkable both because they are physical letters from one person to another in a time where online communication is the common way to reach another person, but also because the postcards are the sheets for her piece Circles of Sounds. The lucky recipients of these personal postcards are a singer, a percussionist, and an oboist. The trio will play from their postcards at the remarkable setting of Kirkjubøur.

This program will be repeated Thursday during the festival.

  • Bells of Múrinum (2019) sound installation by composer Nicole Bitsch Pedersen
  • 3 (2021) by composing duo Lyd Port
  • Circles of Sounds (2021) by Composer Elín Gunlaugsdóttir

Jensina Olsen, singer
Jan Rune Poulsen, percussion
NN, oboist
Lydport and Kingo Singers

29 August at 5 PM, The Nordic House - A Faroese Tale

During the festival, the sound installation, A Faroese Tale, by sound artist Franc Ross Adams and electronic musician Bjørn Svin, will run every day in The Nordic House.

A Faroese Tale is a surreal sound collage where the sound of Faroese reality is transformed into musical abstraction. On this Sunday, Bjørn Svin will do a live remix of the installation, where he puts the real sound recordings into a musical context.


  • A Faroese Tale

Bjørn Svin



31 August at 3.30 PM, REINSARÍÐIÐ - Open MIC with Ensemble Adapter

This Tuesday the Ensemble Adapter will give their first Open Mic workshop in Tórshavn.

Open Mic is a concept where the German-Icelandic Ensemble provides established as well as new composers a chance to have their compositions tested by professional musicians.

The Ensemble will do another Open Mic during the festival Thursday September 2nd at 3.30 PM. Read more in the programme

Drop by with your scores or drop in to listen.

31 August at 7 and 8 PM, Ostehusið - LjóðMynd

Together with Children from Margarinfabrikkin, composer Anna Rosenkilde and visual artist Barður Christensen have had a workshop process of sound art and painting with roots in three places in Tórshavn. On this evening the children and the artists will present the results to the public. The works will be displayed during the festival.

31 August at 9 PM, PERLAN - Operation Valentine

On 11 April 1940 British forces launched "Operation Valentine" to occupy the Faroe Islands. The British invasion was mostly looked upon as a friendly one by the Faroese people, and the soldiers brought with them new trends, traditions, music, dance and products. The invasion had a great impact on Faroese cultural, political and social life, and on a more personal account the occupation encouraged new relationships, love, marriage, children, and an emigration of nearly 200 Faroese women to Great Britain in the aftermath of the war.

To mark the 75th anniversary of the "Operation Valentine" invasion "Det Ferösche Compagnie" devised a theatre piece with the aim to give an artistic interpretation of the influence that this crucial period in Faroese history had on local culture.  

Producer and composer Jens L. Thomsen composed the music and created the audio design for the "Operation Valentine" theatre piece. The compilation of the music will be published on vinyl and may also be displayed as a 30 minute audio visual performance. The performance is an artistic investigation and imagination of what it was like to be Faroese during the occupation. It's not a period piece but an account of the psychological impact that this significant period in time had on Faroese culture and how it has shaped us ever since. 

31 August at 10 PM, SIRKUS - Open Electronic Night

On this evening you get the unique possibility of experiencing the sound of the aspiring electronic scene of Torshavn.

Prior to the festival, Nordic Music Days has hosted workshops in Torshavn about electronic music with experienced musician and producer Bjørn Svin. The workshop participants are all local musicians who have explored their own paths into the world of electronic music, and this evening some of them will perform their original compositions - a unique possibility to experience the sound of the aspiring electronic scene of Torshavn.