14 November, 15:00 | Galleriet, Stormen Bibliotek

NS-12 is an audiovisual collaboration between the filmmaker Kristjan Loðmfjorð and the composer Konrad Korabiewski. Using the means of sound and image, NS-12 poetically portrays the fishing trawler Gullver based in Seyðisfjorður, East Iceland.

The trawler is a self-contained world; a space which functions both as workplace and as collective living arrangement, which is also personally and physically affective. For the people working on board the ship might be seen as a tool, but artistically it is perceived as a living organism, as a musical instrument triggering the senses, and as a visual landscape impressing with textures and colors. The constant sensation of motion from the heaviness and roughness of the rolling trawler conveys a state of confusion or reverie, like that triggered by seasickness. The ship itself is always in the foreground, with the life on board as the background.

”Sound Waves of Inner and Outer Territories”  – Charlotte Piene
10-channels sound installation, wooden chairs (felt).

The sound floats like liquids and the vibration transfers it into your body, from the ground below you. There is nothing between you now. You are a part of it. It is a part of you. You share the sound, and the vibration tries to match the energy in your body. They are not similar. You get affected by the disturbance, of that something which just entered the room. Your space. Your inner space.