Tasteful Turntable

14 November, 15:00 | Stormen, Kammersalen

Tasteful Turntable

How does sound affect our perception of food, and how does taste affect our experience of music? Tasteful Turntable is a performance that explores the sense-interference between the two senses of tasting and hearing. A slowly turning dining table is designed specially to provide the guests with parallel stimuli through the ears and mouth. The composition will be performed in an intimate setting for only twelve guests at a time. The food should not be considered as a full meal, but rather a sound-and-taste experience.

There have the past few years been a boom in scientific research in the area of how sound affects the taste of our food. Commercially there has also been large interest from Heston Blumenthal in 1997 introduced his iPod-enhanced seafood dish, Sound of the Sea, and till today where Ben & Jerry’s is considering a sonic range of ice-cream flavors.

This version of Tasteful Turntable is made by a team of collaborators: Chef Mette Martinussen, Food-artist Augusta Sørensen, Ceramic artist Giulia Crispiani and the Composers Nikolaj Kynde and Lars Kynde. Together they have carried out extensive interdisciplinary research to establish a cross-modal language of artistic expression for this piece.

Performance duration 45mins.
Performed by  Nikolaj Kynde, Lars Kynde, Lars Berbusmel.