Trond Hans Farner Kverno

Trond Hans Farner Kverno is a Norwegian composer. His piece Triptychon 2:
Tre ikoner fra «Draumkvedet», will be performed by Gro Bergrabb in Bodø Domkirke.

Trond Hans Farner Kverno received degrees in church music, music theory and choir direction from the Norwegian Academy of Music. He is known for his liturgical compositions. He also serves as an Auxiliary Bishop of the Christ Catholic Church International. Church music has spearheaded major new developments in music in Norway throughout the post-war period, in terms of both musical innovation and institutional renewal. At the same time, church music composers have enjoyed growing popularity among musicians and listeners alike. Trond H.F. Kverno has been an exponent of this tradition since the 1970s, and his compositions are today among the finest and most frequently performed in Norway.

Trond H.F. Kverno regards his career primarily in terms of his church music accomplishments. In his view, the concept of “absolute music” is a rare occurrence, as most works are generally part of an ideological or aesthetic context. The individual work may also reflect the person who commissioned it, its users or its listeners. In Kverno’s opinion, music performed in a church differs significantly from that played in a concert hall: “The performer is the entire congregation where everyone sings, or where some sing while others pray. The congregation is also an instrument. The music resounds through the faith of the universal church as a sacrifice to the Holy Trinity. The goal is the congregation’s prayer, rather than aesthetic pleasure. The essential point is that the music hears us and interprets us before the throne of God, not that we hear the music. This is the fundamental assumption on which my work is based. I would like my work to that of the painter of assumption on which my work is based. I would like my work to that of the painter of icons, where each icon is a window to a reality other than that which surrounds us.