Kristine Tjøgersen

Kristine Tjøgersen is a Norwegian composer and clarinet player. She is coming to Bodø with the piece Mistérios do Corpo, perfomed by Esbjerg Ensemble.

Kristine studied composition with prof. Carola Bauckholt at the Anton Bruckner Universität in Linz, Austria, and clarinet with prof. Hans Christian Bræin at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. Her works have been performed by a.o. Arditti Quartet (UK), Ensemble Recherche (DE), Ensemble Aventure (DE), Plus-Minus Ensemble (UK), Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, asamisimasa, Ensemble neoN, BIT-20, Tøyen Fil og Klafferi, Oslo Sinfonietta, Pinquins (N), Bruckner Orchester Linz (AT), El Perro Andaluz (DE,), YXUS (ES) and Mimitabu (SE) at festivals like ECLAT, Musik21 (DE), ISCM (world music days), KLANG (DK), Borealis (NO), Cycle Festival (IS), Only Connect festival (NO), Music@VillaRomana (IT), Ultima festival (NO), Nordic Music Days (FI) and North Atlantic Flux (UK)

In 2018 she was representing Norway at Rostrum for composers in Hungary, and in 2019/2020 she has a fellowship at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin.

She plays clarinet in the award winning ensembles asamisimasa, Ensemble neoN and Tøyen Fil og Klafferi, and has performed at most of the major European new music festivals. Tjøgersen has a special interest for music that combines sound and visuals and investigates and explores how they interact with each other.

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You seem to have a very strong connection with visuals in your musical thinking. Can you say something about this?

For me music is not isolated, but rather in contact with something outside of it, and through this contact the music can be changed and developed through interaction.
I often explore the relationship between what we see and what we hear, and investigate how these are connected to music through close interplay.
Connection with something different always entails a certain risk, and I find that exciting, because you risk the music changing into something you do not know yet.

How did you discover Hermeto Pascoal, and why did you want to make a piece over his piece?

Many years ago I came across the amazing song/video of «Musica da lagoa» by the Brazilian multiinstrumentalist and composer Hermeto Pascoal. It totally blew my mind, and made me fascinated by Pascoal.
He once said: «I don’t like to use ready-made instruments or sounds. I like to transform things into sounds and instruments…. wherever I am is an instrument»
I love his freedom and passion. It is liberating, and I admire how he deeply lives through his music. My string quartet is a tribute to Pascoal, and I really wish that with this piece I can make more people discover his music.

How do you work when choosing your sounds, what do you listen for?

I use a lot of time in search of sounds. I listen for beauty and something interesting, something that makes me curious. I love to be curious on interesting beauty.
It is also important for me that the result is uplifting in a way.
I studied with Carola Bauckholt and she once said that «music should be fresh food for the senses» and for me this is very essential.

I often have a «skrått blikk/schräger Blick» at the contemporary music scene, and our music situation and tradition. To put the contemporary music in a different context enables us to hear it in a different way. By using material of very different music making, and adding contemporary music to this, I hope to achieve the result that we experience all the elements in new ways.

Mistérios do Corpo

Mistérios do Corpo (2017) was written for the Arditti Quartet as a tribute to Brazilian jazz composer and multi instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal, who has made a piece by the same name, where he literally plays on his own body.

From the press:

«Idet ensembleklang og bildebevegelse samkjøres, får stykket en slående tydelig, gestisk overbevisende og samtidig hylende komisk karakter… Tjøgersen skaper her et spill i meningsdannelsen som er både dypt og upretensiøst… lysende instrumentert… et originalt, og umiskjennelig musikalsk, språk.»

– Emil Bernhardt – Ballade.no

«Another highlight of the festival appeared on the BIT20 String Quartet’s new chamber music program on March 11th with Kristine Tjøgersen’s Mistérios do Corpo…The laugh-out-loud result put the brilliant technical ability of the quartet on full display while engaging the audience in a clever way.»

– Amanda Cook – icareifyoulisten.com