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The festival

Nordic Music Days 2021 - Røtur, Rødder, Roots

The whole of Tórshavn will be buzzing with new Nordic music when Nordic Music Days is held for the first time ever in the Faroe Islands 1-4 September 2021.

Under the main theme “Roots”, it is our vision to create strong and present experiences for all. Through meetings between audiences and different concert formats, we wish to provide a breeding ground for the Faroe Islands' unique musical traditions and the participating artists' own deep roots to nurture each other.

Music, sounds and events everywhere

At Nordic Music Days 2021, you will be met by a sound installation in the shopping center, hear beautiful carillons in the urban space, experience electronic music in the Cathedral, see a documentary opera in the Nordic House and be invited for sound and concert walks in Tórshavn and Kirkjubour.

Or you can dive into the film program and join conversations about topical themes related to music and the festival and take part in Faroese chain dancing on the closing night. And much more.

A very special event at the festival will be a series of house concerts - concerts in private homes - in four different districts in Tórshavn.

Locals will transform their homes into a concert venue, where the audience is offered an intimate concert experience with new Nordic music, food, and drink.

A tradition with roots far back in Faroese culture, where the social life in small and isolated settlements took place in people's private homes.

Local collaborations

Nordic Music Days 2021 is run through a large number of local collaborations. The concerts are realized with musicians, ensembles and choirs in the Faroe Islands such as Aldubáran, the Faroese Symphony Orchestra, Kingo singers from Tjørnevík and the choir Tarira, complemented by other Nordic soloists and ensembles, as we wish to strengthen networks and collaborations between composers and musicians across the Nordic region.

Who is behind the festival?

Nordic Music Days is a festival presenting Nordic contemporary music and sound. The festival has been organized since 1888 and is one of the oldest festivals for contemporary classical music in the world.

The festival is unique in the sense that it is organized by the composers themselves. Each year the national societies of composers organize the festival in turn on behalf of the Council of Nordic Composers.

This years’ festival is organized by The Association of Faroese Composers and the Danish Composers’ Society in collaboration with the Nordic House in the Faroe Islands.


The programme of Nordic Music Days 2021 has been curated by the composers Tine Louise Kortermand (DK), Gunnar Karel Másson (IS), Sunleif Rasmussen (FO), and audience curator Anne Boukris (DK)