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Welcome to the Nordic Music Days 2017 in Southbank Centre in London, 28 September - 1 October 2017. Four days filled with contemporary Nordic art music.
Nordic Music Days 2017 Artistic Director presents this year's festival (in English with subtitles) at Southbank Centre in London
Presentation of Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttirs piece "The Cancerous Cell", performed by Distractfold Ensemble at Nordic Music Days 2017 showcase launch at Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam 18 May 2017.
"Mätsä" (Forest) by composer Tytti Arola (Finland) performed by Distractfold Ensemble at Classical Next in Rotterdam May 2017, as a part of the showcase for Nordic Music Days 2017.
Paul Jefferies is a musical instrument maker and artist. Paul was invited by the Nordic Music Days to create a musical sculpture to represent the theme of the festival which is the Northern Lights. The sculpture is to be built in the public next to Southbank Centre in London. In this short clip Paul talks more about the project.
Part 4 of the Northern Lights Musical Sculpture. Before I go much further with the build, I thought it was a good idea to assemble the whole sculpture to make sure everything works, identify any problems, and to show my mum and dad who will not be able to see it whilst it is up in London.