Mette Nielsen 

Mette Nielsen. Photo credit: Mads-Peter Eusebius Jakobsen

Mette Nielsen was born 1985 in Odense, Denmark and already at 6 years young she played accordion and wrote short pieces. She sang in different children, youth, chamber and church choirs. She has studied composition at the The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) and finished her master in June 2013.

Her work Sonata for solo accordion was premiered and performed in 2008 by Rasmus Kjøller. She was selected chairman for Young Nordic Music Ung Nordisk Musik (UNM) in 2009 and she arranged the UNM festival in Copenhagen 2011 together with Martin Stauning and Jeppe Ernst – seven concerts in five days with pieces by 35 young Nordic composers. She continues to release and perform musical works at different events – mostly in Denmark but also in Finland 

In January 2017 Mette Nielsen received Axel Borup-Jørgensen Composer’s Prize 2017.

At Nordic Music Days 2017 Nielsens work Song will be performed by Exaudi in the concert "In the steppes of Sápmi" at 29 September, at 1:00 PM.