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Workshops and school concerts
Pinquins percussion trio

Nordic Music Days 2022 actively invites children and young people into the process of creating contemporary art and music. This year,  in addition to presenting concerts for school children, the festival focuses on music journalism, encouraging the younger generations  to take an active part in a contemporary musical discourse.

School Concerts

In collaboration with the program List fyrir alla and MeKó, Nordic Music Days will present a concert for school classes in Kópavogur in the days leading up to the festival. The fabulous percussion trio Pinquins will perform a varied program of new Nordic compositions for hundreds of school children at Salurinn concert hall.

Young Reporters

In the workshop Young Reporters, that is held in collaboration with Reykjavik Music City, Reykjavík Music College and RÚV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service) young people will write articles and reviews about events and concerts at the festival. The workshop will be led by the renowned German music journalist Julia Kaiser who has initiated and run music journalism programs under the name JungeReporter at contemporary music festivals worldwide. Participants learn how to write critical and interesting texts about music, always keeping an aware and respectful attitude. The workshop takes place in English. The workshop is for young people aged around 16-30 years. Only 8-10 participants can take part. Registration and more info can be found here.

Intelligent Instruments Workshops:

Where and when: October 7th, 8th and 9th between 2-5pm in Thverholt 11.

The Intelligent Instruments Lab at the Iceland University of the Arts invites people interested in novel musical instruments to join us in two three-day workshops leading up to the Nordic Music Days. 

Workshop 1 - The DIMI-A synthesizer

The DIMI-A is an early electronic synthesizer designed by Finnish media art pioneer Erkki Kurenniemi in 1970. It is a curiosity instrument - a rare and esoteric instrument now gaining public attention. In this workshop multimedia artist and musician Jari Suominen will give an overview of the DIMI-A, followed by a more focussed composition workshop. We will explore the instrument and write short studies for it which will be presented at the opening concert at the Nordic Music Days. The workshop will be a media-archaeological journey into the electronic music of the past - the techniques and methods applied - which will provide a deeper understanding of today’s electronic music. Through exploring, composing, playing and performing, we hope to create a fun and inclusive environment discovering how the experimental technologies of the past can influence current practices. The workshop is open to everyone, but there will be space limits. Please sign up and let us know why you want to participate. We will seek to select a diverse group for the workshop. Registration for the workshop can be found here.

Workshop 2 - Intelligent Instruments Technical Elements

In this workshop people of all skills and backgrounds can come and explore the ideas and technologies used to create intelligent musical systems. The workshop will focus on music, ideas, performance, expression, and the role of technology in creative work. During these three days we will look at how new musical instruments can change the way we think about musical practice and make music. Through looking at new technologies, interfaces and technical elements developed in the lab, we create the conditions for workshop participants to make their own instruments, systems, or compositions. We invite everyone to join the workshop: the only thing you need is a deep interest in music, musical instruments and how new instruments can be built with contemporary technologies. 

Registration for the workshop can be found here.

Both workshops will take place between 2-5pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Intelligent Instruments Lab at Þverholt 11, 4th floor. Bring your laptop - and your favourite instrument if you want.