Ole Lützow-Holm

Born January 11, 1954 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Studies in Stockholm, piano and composition. His teachers include Gunnar Bucht, and in Freiburg Brian Ferneyhough, and Klaus Huber.

The sensible, tension-filled music Ole Lutzow-Holm writes is in an exclusive class of its own. His work is a virtuoso with high demands on the musicians to release both precision as a living, physical force in the performance. In his tonal language oscillates a pendulum between the extremely subtle and the harsh, uncompromising discharge. The composition Contour makes this clear, a duo for piccolo and bass. The span between the instruments' timbres and registers conjures a strong charge. Added to this is the confrontation between brittle and rough hues.

With his deeply serious, uncompromising attitude to the musical craftsmanship Ole Lutzow-Holm also has become an important educational force in the Swedish music scene through his teaching of composition at the Music Academy in Gothenburg.

At the Nordic Music Days his work Floral night episode will be performed by The Riot Ensemble in "Floral night episode" on 30 September at 6:00 and 9:00 PM.