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NMD Education

Engaging with children and young people
Children with piano

For several years, Nordic Music Days has had a focus on involving children and young people in the process of creating contemporary art music.

Before and during the festival in the Faroe Islands, professional artists from the North will do workshops on sound and music with local children, young people, and their teachers in public schools, the college Glasir, and the Music School of Tórshavn.

In some projects the students will create music, installations and sound walks in the urban space, in others they will both create and perform their own music. Yet in others, sound and music as an artistic expression and the social value of music are put up for debate based on the themes of the festival.

Through these meetings between young Faroese and Nordic artists, we hope to leave tracks and fertilize the ground for future composers to be.

Read about the first workshops that took place in Tórshavn in September 2020