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The first seeds are sown

Bjørn Svin

This week we start sowing the first seeds prior to the festival in April 2021. Two very different workshops will take place in Tórshavn for children and young people interested in exploring the process of creating new sound and music.

Summer Dream, Fall Asleep
Accompany’s Summer Dream, Fall Asleep is a theatrical fantasy created by Lasse D. Hansen, Mathias Madsen Munch, Rakel Helmsdal and Anna Schulin-Zeuthen. In the writing and developmental stages, the creators will be working with young musicians from the Music School in Tórshavn, exploring how dreaming can change our way of thinking – both in the shape of surrealistic dreams and life-changing nightmares!

The young musicians will work as Story artists, Music artists and Stage artists in this process, co-writing, co-composing and co-staging experiences from their own dreams and nightmares into stage magic. Summer Dream, Fall Asleep is inspired and based on an original storyline written by Rakel Helmsdal. The final piece will be presented at the April festival.


Telda og tónleikur
With the electronic workshop – telda og tónleikur (computer and music) young people from the age of 16 and up get to create and produce electronic music together with an icon from the Danish electronic scene, Bjørn Svin, who has explored and challenged the rhythmic electronic music for almost 30 years.

For three days Bjørn will help the participants design their own virtual musical instruments with a performative approach to music production.

The workshop is for everyone who is curious about making electronic music using the computer alone or in combination with other music equipment.

During the festival in April, some of the results will be performed live on one of the festival scenes.