madeleine isaksson

Madeleine Isaksson. Photo credit: Jean-Louis Garnell

Madeleine Isaksson studied piano and composition at Royal College of Music of Stockholm. Sholarships allowed her to continue her studies abroad, in Holland and later, in France where she lives and works as composer.

Madeleine Isaksson's music is highly concentrated, characterised by a wealth of detail and considerable variation in the treatment of phrases and sonorities and well-integrated processes which are held together by an almost physical movement in fluctuating meters.

Among her compositions, instrumental, vocal as well as orchestral, can be mentioned some recent works: for instrumental ensemble, the septets Sondes (2009) and Isär (2012), for vocal ensemble, Ciels (2010) and Terre de l'absence (2013),
her second violin duo Vide supra (2013) and first flute quartet In quarto (2016). During 2016-2017 she is Composer in Residence at Gävle Symphony Orchestra with two new works, Bridges for brass and percussion, and Ljusrymd for orchestra.

In 2005 her CD Failles appeared at the Swedish label Phono Suecia. She received the Järnåker Award 2012 for Les sept vallées composed for solo recorder.

The music of Madeleine Isaksson is performed to great success by prominent ensembles at concerts and festivals across Europe, Asia and overseas.

At Nordic Music Days 2017 Isaksson's work Ciels will be performed by Exaudi in the concert "In the steppes of Sápmi" 29 September, at 1:00 PM.