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Innovative Instruments Exhibition

Innovative Instruments







The exhibition Innovative Instruments is part of Nordic Music Days 2022 program, held in Reykjavík’s City Hall. In recent years the field of experimental instrument design has been flourishing. Classical instruments are being augmented and new instruments are being born both in the physical and digital worlds. At this exhibition we try to capture the very essence of this ideology, with some of Iceland’s most progressive instrument alchemists.

Examples of instruments are Úlfur Hansson’s magnetic harp and the halldorophone by Halldór Úlfarsson. Úlfur’s magnetic harp is being used by Björk on her world tour Cornucopia and the halldorophone has recently gotten international recognition through composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, who frequently uses it in her compositions. 

The exhibition is held in collaboration with the Intelligent Instruments Lab at the Iceland University of the Arts. Five days prior to the festival the lab will host a workshop for composers and performers to compose new musical works for the halldorophone and the Magnetic Resonator Piano. The opening event of Nordic Music Days 2022 will be a concert with new innovative instruments and opening of the exhibition. The exhibition is curated by Halldór Eldjárn in collaboration with Þór Magnússon, head of The Intelligent Instruments Lab, and Halldór Úlfarsson, instrument maker.